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Nigeria blasts Sony ad over “Criminal” portrayal

October 9th, 2009

The news: Sony’s commercial has caused uproar in Nigeria, with official complaints that it portrays a negative image of the nation, suggesting Nigerians are untrustworthy and prone to partake in criminal activity. During the ad one of the actors states that “you can’t believe everything that you read on the Internet” or he’d be a […]

One Response to “Nigeria blasts Sony ad over “Criminal” portrayal”

  1. cultureguru Says:

    I originally saw this reference to Nigeria’s reaction to the ad I believe in adweek, but I appreciate your ‘behind the scenes’ for some of the unconscious, more deep rooted bias.

    From a multicultural advertising perspective for ads running in the US, there also was a very stereotypic/majority privilege representation of race/culture in the ad, with all of the white males presented as experts in their white scientist coats, while the Asian gentlemen was in a silly/foolish costume, and the woman in clearly a more administrative/clerical role.

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